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Photos of our Aggregate Concrete

Aggregate Patio Extention
Large Aggregate Walkway
Aggregate Partial Driveway Replacement
This customer had a very tiny aggregate patio. We added on a large, step-down patio. The interior was done in aggregate to match the existing concrete and we gave it a dark brown textured border to bring it all together. Due to the elevation change, we integrated two step treads which we textured and colored in dark brown to match them with the border. The customer also requested a fire-pit as they were looking forward to hosting many get-together's in the Fall (which is when we installed this lovely outdoor living space for them), so we gave them an Aspen Fire-Pit Kit to enjoy.
Below is a beautiful 5' aggregate driveway extension we installed, turning the 1.5 car driveway to 2.5. We also cleaned and resealed the entire driveway with our specially tinted aggregate sealer.
Here is another aggregate driveway repair we completed. We also installed the complimenting stamped herringbone brick apron.